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Qingdao Ganrentang Chinese Medicine Clinic Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Ganrentang Chinese Medicine Masters Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine brings together many famous Chinese medicine experts such as Li Jiren, Zhang Xuewen, Lu Guangyu, and Guomao Taidou Jin Shiyuan. It is a fusion of Chinese medicine treatment, health care, experience inheritance and Chinese medicine culture. Medical institutions.
Li Jiren, the national intangible heritage “Zhang Yipai” medical family inheritor, the first batch of “National 500 old Chinese medicine practitioners”, the first batch of national famous old Chinese medicine experience heirs instructors, the first batch of 100 Chinese traditional Chinese medicine clinicians, the first batch of State Council special The recipient of the allowance. Intensive, gynecological incurable diseases, especially good for rickets, rickets, tumors and other ill treatment.

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