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Luzhou, the world-famous "medicine capital".
Lao Zhai's family, a century-old traditional Chinese medicine.
The four generations adhering to the ancestral teachings of the old Zhai family who "based on honesty" and "would rather not make medicines than sell fake medicines", adhere to the credo of "authentic medicines and authentic products", and pass on the tradition with sincerity and hard work. Composing a kind chapter of the family of traditional Chinese medicine.
Part 1: Medicines are bound
In 1913, Zhai Qiyou led a family of more than a dozen people to Luzhou, Anhui. He saw the prosperity and mixed scenes of the local medicinal materials business, and was quite touched, so he invested his family's savings into the medicinal materials industry. With good conscience, he made good medicine, and forged an inextricable bond with Chinese medicine.
Part 2: Famous
The second generation of the family of Lao Zhai's Chinese medicine family, Zhai Daotian, was born in Luzhou in February 1946. He picked up medicine with his grandfather and father since childhood. Smell its fragrance, taste its mouth, grasp its flexibility, and kick it wet and dry. " This unique method of distinguishing medicine is widely spread in the three northeastern provinces that are rich in medicinal materials and the medicine capital Luzhou.
Mr. Zhai Lao is currently the chief pharmaceutical expert of Kangerjian Sinopharm Group. He teaches by example, and he is a solid quality and safety barrier for the company.
Part 3: Going forward
Lao Zhai's third generation inheritor of the family of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhai Kai, was born in Yinzhou in November 1970. He is a Chinese medicine practitioner. He is currently the chairman of Kangerjian Sinopharm Group, a member of the World Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture, and the executive vice chairman of the Anhui Chamber of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
He grew up smelling the fragrant herbs from childhood and grew up reading Materia Medica. Under the instruction of his parents, he started to be involved in the medicinal materials business of "Lao Zhai Family" from the age of thirteen. From collecting medicines up the mountain to ancient methods, from pharmacy dispensing to market sales, we have long practiced and strived for excellence. He went over the mountains and ridges, and went to the field of medicinal materials to make field inspections to ensure the origin of authentic medicinal materials.
Chairman Zhai Kai took the responsibility of promoting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine and founding the industry of traditional Chinese medicine. He created an integrated industrial base of traditional Chinese medicine in Qingdao, introduced advanced production lines and testing equipment, and was equipped with a large number of senior professionals. The two sets of security systems, "prepared by ancient methods" and "modern detection", are mutually complementary and mutually reinforcing, providing dual guarantees for the quality and safety of Kangerjian's traditional Chinese medicine and protecting the health of the people.
"Although Xiuhe has no one to see, he has his own innate knowledge". His excellent skills and good reputation have made the "Laozhai Family" medicinal materials famous and won the trust of customers at home and abroad.
Part IV: A long way to go
Zhai Mingwei, the fourth generation of the family of traditional Chinese medicine in the family of Lao Zhai, has been influenced by his family since he was a child. He has developed a deep relationship with Chinese medicine. The name of a Chinese medicine. When he was in elementary school, he came to Qingdao to study with his father, Zhai Kai, and later went to Canada to study and study business management. After returning from his studies, he was not afraid of hard work, and exercised in Kangerjian Chinese Herbal Medicine Workshop for one year. At present, he is the general manager of Ganrentang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum of Kangerjian Sinopharm Group and the general manager of Zhai's Houdaotang Pharmacy.
He could have spoiled his youth like a young man of the same age, but Zhai Mingwei chose to take root in this oldest Chinese medicine industry, and determined to work with his father to push the old Zhai family's Chinese medicine career into a new era. His slightly childish face showed a long way to go!

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